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Canna - Start 1L - Starter fertilizer for young plants

Fertilizers Canna Start, for seedlings and cuttings. CANNA Start gives you all the micro- and macro-nutrients for your seedlings or cuttings, ensuring a healthy and robust development of your young shoots.

Canna - Start 1L - Starter fertilizer for young plants
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Product details

CANNA Start Fertilizer 1L

CANNA Start is a well balanced fertilizer for seedlings and cuttings. CANNA Start is suitable for a variety of substrates such as rockwool starter cubes, coco pellets, peat moss pellets, seedling mixes and most other propagation media.

CANNA Start provides all the micro- and macro-nutrients to your seedlings or cuttings and ensures that your seedlings grow healthy and strong.

With the addition of CANNA Start to its product line, CANNA now offers a complete nutrition program. With CANNA Start, choose CANNA from the beginning. From cloning to harvest!

Advantages of CANNA START:

  • CANNA Start blends perfectly with all other CANNA fertilizers. When the cuttings are transplanted from the starter to the final medium, you can switch from CANNA Start to the CANNA Vega fertilizer adapted to your growing medium (CANNA TERRA, COCO, HYDRO or AQUA) for the remaining time of the cycle. It interacts particularly well with CANNA RHIZOTONIC fertilizer. In combination with this root stimulator, it provides stronger and thicker roots.
  • Reduces the risk of over fertilization. Since cuttings and seedlings do not have the same needs as mature plants, regular fertilization during the vegetative phase is not suitable for them because you risk giving them too much fertilizer.
  • Reduces the risk of yellowing of plant tissue. Diluting a vegetative fertilizer to suit cuttings and seedlings is not a good solution. Indeed, such a dilution does not contain enough trace elements and macro-elements, which causes the yellowing of the plant. This is far from being a good start for your crop. To obtain strong and healthy plants, you need to start on the right foot. That's why CANNA has developed CANNA Start to provide the right amount of nutrients for cuttings and seedlings.

CANNA Start is the perfect solution for growers who:

  • Use seed
  • Take their own cuttings
  • Place their cuttings in small pots before transplanting them into the final medium

Directions for use

  • Shake well before use
  • Fill the reservoir with water
  • Add canna Start for a dilution in the tank of 1/250 (40ml for 10L of water) The EC of canna Start dissolved in tap water varies between 0,7-1,3 mS (= EC = Electro Conductivity = The capacity of a solution to conduct an electric current. This measurement allows to know the concentration of dissolved solids in the water)
  • recommended pH: 5.2 - 6.2
  • Make sure that the drainage is sufficient (+10%)


  • Store closed in a dark, frost-proof place.
  • Keep out of reach of children

Technical sheet

  • Recommended use
    Growth fertilizer, Root stimulator
  • Packaging
    1 L
  • Product type
  • Application
    Earth, Coco, Rock wool, Hydroponics
  • Type of fertilizer
  • Marque
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