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Here are the excellent Phresh Filters carbon filters, from the United States where they are among the best sellers.

The Phresh Filters are 100% efficient and durable (up to 2 years of autonomy in good conditions of use), and their format is advantageous compared to their European competitors: twice as compact, on average!

In addition, due to the high-density granulometry specific to the Australian deposits from which it comes, the quality of the activated carbon of Phresh Filters makes all the difference with its counterparts (in metal), and especially on the scale: 2 times lighter, on average!!!

A line of top of the line carbon filters.

Supplied with two pre-filters (one of which is a spare), essential to the proper functioning of any carbon filter.

Available from Phresh Filter 200 m3/h in 100 mm to Phresh Filter 3. 100 m3/h in 315 mm.

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