Enzymes : what is it ?

Enzymes: female name : molecule (from nature protein) capable of catalyzing biochemical reactions [...] Here is the definition of the word " enzyme " in the dictionary.

It is a substance capable of accelerating the transformation of matter. A reaction that can take 6 months without enzymes, can take place in half a second with these molecules (speed of reaction several million times faster with the presence ofenzymes)

The use ofenzymes in the nutritive solution increases the speed of degradation of dead organic matter in the substrate soil or hdroponic which moderates / restricts the installation of pathogenic microorganisms.

Culture Indoor therefore, we offer several brands that can provide an enzymatic solution that promotes the decomposition of dead cells in the roots and in the growing medium. Thus the indoor grower is always closer to natural outdoor conditions.

Brands like Plagron, Canna platinium, Biobizz....