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discover the department of electricity and home automation for the connected home to facilitate your daily life and find all the tips for your small work of electricity.

home automation products available in our shelves at culture indoor you will equip your home in connected devices, to simplify your life and save time every day to better enjoy the daily.
you will discover in our section alarm for house and apartment or technical room or office,find the surveillance camera and the essential to secure your home and protect you from malicious persons.

discover many motion detectors, smoke detectors, sirens and video surveillance systems are very effective and easy to install products of the brand otio bosh, Legrand.

The home automation section contains many connected objects as well as all the elements to create its intelligent network, to be able to control its devices and installations using a remote control, a smartphone or a tablet.

try it but you can imagine your home and control a large number of connected objects with our innovative products.

save time and money by centralizing or automating the control of your temperature and your thermostat, or the closure of your shutters, your garage, your house or the air in your room.

Culture Indoor selected automation of gates, shutters and garage doors completes the picture.

and if we talk aboutelectricity, at Culture Indoor the leader in electricity that you find all the equipment and products necessary to achieve your own electrical installation. Discover in our shelves, circuit breakers and electrical panels, but also all the cables, sheaths and wires, as well as sockets and switches of major brands, find Zenitechorock, Nano and its range of IP54 nano, discover always in the switches, the range Bel'vue,the Bejing surface-mounted range, find all simplea and flush-mounted range Artezodiscover the range of luxury Clarys , or first price diwone
For the traditional uses and for the traviaux, in our rays you will also find electric extensions and multi plugs, as well as an assortment of flashlights, batteries and chargers, screwdriver tester.