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What isneem oil? Neem oil is obtained from the seeds of a tree growing in India called Margousier. The properties of neem oil is no longer to be proven for its insecticide, acaricide and bactericide properties, neem oil remains prohibited for sale as a phytosanitary treatment even in organic farming.

The neem tree called Melia Azadirachta or azadirachta indica is part of the most common trees in India, the neem tree is found in all hot climates, the seeds of the neem trees are cold pressed to obtain the purest neem oil easy to recognize when it is cold it tends to compact into a block and at room temperature totally liquid. neem oil is characterized by a strong and powerful odor and its main active substance is called Azadirachtin, Know that in India the Indian culture uses neem oil as a fertilizer and natural insecticide. Today the only certified product to spray on plants is based onrapeseed oil less efficient on the treatment of plants. culture indoor offer a neem oil household brand VG garden to clean warehouse for the parasites, cleaning of the ground naturally.

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