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Discover soilless and automated growing through the largest selection of hydroponic systems in form NFT (for Nutrients Film Technics).

All these NFT systems are developed by European market leaders such as Nutriculture, Platinium Hydroponics, AutoPot, HydroSystem, IWS System,...

Enjoy the productions of Platinium Hydroponics, totally innovative and very popular among the current indoor growers. All over the world.

The range Modular de Platinium Hydroponics range assures to its users, a simplicity of use and a surprising modularity (and fast!) in the various possibilities of modes of culture offered by its ingenious systems of culture out -soil. Indeed, you can go from "classic hydroponics" on clay balls to an aeroponic system, or from soilless mode to an NFT system on loaves or cubes of wool. In an instant.

Proof of the know-how of Platinium Hydroponicss know-how : the clever vertical aeroponic system Pyramid, available in 1 square meter or in 2 square meterswas acclaimed by the American trade press and named one of the top 20 most innovative systems of 2014!!!!

Available in many sizes: from the small 40 x 40 cm version tolarge PlatiniumModular 2 square meters. And in many configurations such as the Platinium HydroStone or the Platinium Ebb and Flow.

In short, the nFT systems of Platinium Hydroponics will satisfy you in every way: the ultimate efficiency combined with the best prices!

In addition, the brand Nutriculture Ltd will satisfy any grower, from beginner to advanced, with products nFT systems such as the NFT GroTanks awarded for their productivity (by the Guiness Records Book), and their variants, the NFT Multi Ducs,..

Discover totally innovative hydroponic systems such as the ingenious Autopotwhich work on the principle of capillarity (so without electricity!!!) or the IWS System, clever because they are perfectly adjustable to the surface to be occupied from one culture to another, etc ...

Find all vertical hydroponic systems ensuring an optimal productivity in relation to the occupied surface, like the Pi-Wall and Pi-Rack...

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