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Welcome to our section dedicated to the Dutch brand, BioTabs. A totally innovative range of fertilizers for certified organic cultivation.

Through beneficial fungi, mycorrhizae, BioTabs offers indoor (as well as outdoor) growers looking for a certified organic culture, to establish and maintain a culture filled with mycorrhizae, from a neutral substrate (little or no fertilized soil, coconut fibers), to create (with Mycotrex and Bactrex) and nourish (with Orgatrex) an efficient and productive microbial life.

This new generation of horticultural nutrients is easy to use and above all, well presented in a clear, fun and simple cartoon format.

Discover BioTabs through its Starter Box and/or do not hesitate to ask for a documentation on this amazing range.

The BioTabs range on a coco fiber substrate is quite possible, but also on "automated systems" based on capilarity, like the AutoPot.

The best prices on BioTabs are at Culture Indoor.