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Welcome to the Culture Indoor space dedicated to urban gardening.

Culture Indoor launches in the outdoor by offering you : Pot and planter, vegetable garden, greenhouse vegetable garden, garden borders, greenhouses, kitchen garden, living room vegetable garden, soil and fertilizers, treatments and care, ecological gardening, pest control, garden tools, watering and gardening accessories, and plant walls with the products of Flowall (seen in DECO magazine) andAmytisor even outdoor with the clever ranges of C-Greenof WallFlower.

Or a vast choice of stabilized plant walls from the brands FlowerBox, Naturalys or MEAMEA. French designs, very original based on a presentation of plants in a picture. These have been carefully frozen in time, by a glycerin bath, and then, covered with natural dyes (durability of 9 to 10 years). A plant wall or a stabilized plant gives to a living room, an immediate aspect more welcoming, more "nature".

Practical, these stabilized subjects are also very easy to maintain (only a dusting every 2 or 3 months is recommended) but require, for its good visual conservation, to be placed in a dry space (lower than 60% of hygrometry) and not under direct sunlight.

The best prices for urban gardening are at Culture Indoor.