Find the largest catalog of reflectors in Europe. Without comparison.

Culture Indoor offers you more than 70 reflectors.

Models as varied as they are efficient, with various functionalities:

- as the reflectors of open forms with the basic ones, with the surface "mirror" or hammered, the reflectors specific to the CFL bulbs (from 125 W to 300 W), the adjustable reflectors top of the range Adjust-A-Wing, the models closed to the four corners (Diamonds of EcoTechnics, MiniGrower equipped with its IEC plug, Pebble Gold or Diamond...);

- like the glazed and ventilated reflectors, to be cooled by a simple connection through a sheath to the extractor, such as the Cool Tube reflectors (the most known) and other more practical models whose flat glass can be removed at will, such as the Monster Warrior, the Bazooka, the SuperCool, the XtraCool, the X-Bloomer, the Black OG, ...

Your choice of a reflector must be oriented according to the location of the growing space in the house. Indeed, a growing room placed in the attic or a room facing full will have to undergo much more temperature variations (flat glass reflectors are recommended to adapt to the seasons)...

While another "grow room, with the same configurations (same volumes and same lighting) but him, with the big difference, is installed in a cellar (with stable temperatures all year long), an open reflector will be then more judiciously to select.

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