Calcium (CA) is a fundamental element for the synthesis and growth of cells. A calcium deficiency, not very common indoors (usually caused by high humidity or dense production) prevents the maintenance of cell walls. The plant, more sensitive, appears "soft" and its young leaves wither.

It is necessary to recognize thedeficiency of the plant, and then act accordingly. Many fertilizers can help you to recover your plant, and thus continue your culture.

Excessive calcium is not recommended either. The plants will suffer more from thermal stress.

From the beginning, that is to say the germination of the seeds, calcium intervenes directly in the development of the roots and in the synthesis of proteins, being necessary for the enzymes. It is absorbed by the root system in the form of Ca++ ion.

Calcium also allows the plant to obtain vitamins and will thus improve the cell membranes of the plant tissues, making them more resistant to pathogen attacks by keeping the cells alive and active.

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