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Here is our department dedicated to theaquanappethis is a horticultural geotextile fiber with various properties: hydrophilic, anti-fungal and aerated.

With a thick and woolly appearance, the aquanappe is an excellent"horticultural cover", intended to surround the substrate used (rockwool, sphagnum moss and others) of all plant walls. From then on, the roots of the plants placed vertically will be firmly and easily lodged in this aerated fiber.

The aquanappe is delivered in a 1 meter width and sold by the linear meter, for its length.

Also discover nFT filmsthe following products are essential for hydroponic systems Nutriculture : groTanks and Multi-Dukes.

The NFT films are presented as a root mat, to be placed on the recovery tray of these particularly efficient systems, in which the roots emancipate and benefit from a homogeneously irrigated nutrient solution.

Available in packages of 7,5 meters or 15 meters.

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