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Electronic ballast Lumatek 250w, 400w, 600w, 1000w HPS and MH duo, these ballasts are equipped except the 250w model of a dimmer allowing to regulate the power of the ballast on certain levels such as the 600w model for example which with its dimmer can go down in 400w or in superlumens mode with 10% more than the classic maximum power that is to say 660w.the range of electronic ballast Lumatek the range of electronic ballast also includes CMH ballast and double ended ballast which makes it one of the widest range of the market concerning the digital ballast offering 99% outpout and a much better stability of the luminous flux at the exit of your bulbs and especially do not forget that an electronic ballast consumes as much as a magnetic ballast but is more powerful of the order of 25% to 33% thus if you have the budget think of investing in an electronic ballast safer and more secure with its fuse cuts circuit in case of overheating, iEC connections already integrated in the lighting fixture.