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Welcome to our section dedicated to Cool Tube reflectors or their equivalents.

Discover the CoolTube models distributed by SuperPlant: the Cool Tube Mini in 125 mm, the"traditional" CoolTube in 125 mm x 400 mm, the CoolTube in 150 mm, the Double CoolTube (exclusive model) in 125 mm x 800 mm (developed for 2 lamps of 250 W and 400 W, or the same XXL version (155 mm x 1690 mm for 2 lamps of 400 W to 1000 W), the Bat CoolTube in 125 mm and 150 mm and their removable large-span reflectors (available alone as an option).

But also the excellent Originals CoolTube V4 from Prima Klimav4 , available in 125 mm and 150 mm.

And, more advanced models like the XtraCoolTube.

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