Here is the section hormones here is the " Cutting " section where you can select the best root stimulators on the European market.

Looking for an organic cutting hormone? try clone x roots from platinium nutrients, the best cutting hormone on the market .

You knew the cutting hormone in powder ? less easy to use with a risk of toxicity for your young plants .

You knew Clonex the best cutting gel? now try Clone Xroots the best cutting gel approved and certified by the Ministry of Agriculture. go to the next level and root your cuttings 2 days faster. or try the new cutting hormone MamaClones from Vaalserberg Garden an organic cutting hormone based on algae that contains indole-B acid naturally as well as auxins, giberelin, cytokinins and many other natural hormones. Auxins are essential for the rooting of young cuttings.

Think also of the stimulators of roots which will allow to better develop your roots and to obtain a better growth as a better bloom.

They will offer you perennial plants with vigorous roots but will also be very effective against certain delicate stages that plants can undergo(repotting, rooting, over fertilization), thanks to their anti-stress properties.

Like theexcellent Rhizoponics from Platinium Nutrients, the famous Rhizotonic(s) from Cannaor the efficient Bio Root Plus from GHE.

But also the traditional hormone of cutting (in the form of tablets of Platinium Nutrients), almost essential for the rooting of clones.

The best prices on additives and hormones for seedlings or cuttingsare at Culture Indoor