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Welcome to our space dedicated to climate management in a horticultural space. At unbeatable Culture Indoor prices.

Managing the hygrometry, temperature and ventilation within your growing room, these devices will allow you to optimize the productivity of your crops, significantly.

It is important to know that the success of an indoor culture depends on the assiduity of the grower to reproduce the climatic conditions of the outside, the environment of the cultivated plant... At home.

"Indoor Culture".

Thus, to "invite the Nature" at home, any cultivator will have to install :

- an extractor and an introducer. You will then find recognized brands, quality and reliable as System Air, Winflex Ventilation, Prima Klima ruck Max Fan... Some of them are even soundproofed in order to offer you an appreciable hearing comfort (WinflexVentilation, Can Filter Iso Max,...).

- accessories to manage the air like extraction ducts, clamps, tape..

- a fan (or several fans depending on the surface to be covered). (Re) Discover the products of BLT honeyWell, Advanced Star...

- instruments for measuring and controlling the climate of the growing area. There, you will find essential tools such as thermometers and/or hygrometers to visualize the climate, misters and humidifiers; but also control managers (thermostat, hygrostat...) ensuring partial or total automation of the climate, according to the will of the indoor gardener. With SuperPro, Winflex Ventilation, Davin, GSE, Ecotechnics, Harvest Master...

See even design to :

- a potential management of odors through a carbon filter designed to eradicate all unwanted odors, thanks to famous models distributed by Winflex Hy-Filter, Can Filter, Phresh Filter, Prima Klima... By means ofionizers, or a "scent cover" provided by the virtues of essential oils, under products registered by The Neutralizer, ONA or Vaportek.

- a possible enrichment with CO2 (carbon dioxide, "fuel" essential to the photosynthesis of plants) allowing to increase in a consequent way, the production of the demanding cultivators, with the installation of complete tools proposed by Harvest Master superPro, GSE ecoTechnics...

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