Culture Indoor offers two types of green walls: those of the Flowerbox brand and Meamea.

These frozen plants and "real plants" will satisfy you in the long run, with a little shade and light dusting, these plants are natural decorations, more realistic than plastic plants or fabrics.

Put down and admire these real "master paintings" with real plants. These plants are stabilized, a technique that is still relatively unknown.

Discover the stabilized plant walls Naturalysdiscover the French concept developed by the flowerBox brandspecializing in mural creations with fixed plants.

Real innovation in interior decoration, stabilized plants allow to invite the Nature at home, without the usual constraints of light exposure and maintenance (watering, repotting, cleanliness...).

Discover also the walls Meameathe French concept dating from 2007, based on walls vegetated with stabilized plants

Of various sizes and visuals, they are presented on standard rigid supports (compact wood, aluminum...).