Welcome to our vast department dedicated to the historical brand, Terra Aquatica, formerly known as General Hydroponics (or GHE for Europe) in the sense that the first products that appeared in the late 70's in California were the famous tri-compound fertilizers, Flora Series !!! An evolving and dynamic formula, adapted to the latest scientific discoveries. It allows you to adjust the nutrition to the needs of your plants by varying the overall concentration of your nutrient solution
. Thanks to this control, you will obtain unequalled harvests. And they are still available at Culture Indoor!!!

A brand developed by an ex-NASA researcher, Dr. Cal Hermann, Terra Aquatica remains today in a permanent research, a constant race for innovation in fertilizers, and is recognized by the scientific community. The latest range GO (for General Organics) range proves it, usable in hydroponic and soil environments.

Terra Aquatica's goals are to remain at the forefront of technology, innovation and to provide solutions to some of today's environmental problems. Today, Terra Aquatica offers Bioponics, or organic hydroponics (Patent # 511569), which combines the advantages of hydroponics with those of organic farming, within the principle of sustainable development. ALL Terra Aquatica fertilizers and additives are suitable for ALL growing methods: hydro, soilless and soil.

Find all the best products of Terra Aquatica, such as Diamond Nectar, Flora Nova Grow and Bloom, Bio-Boosters (with Bio Protect, Bio Roots and Bio Bloom), Mineral Magic, Ripen, BioSevia Grow and Bloom (with BM, they are the first fertilizers for Bioponics, the organic fertilization adapted to hydroponics!!!)..

Terra Aquatica offers a wide range of fertilizers and additives compatible with soil culture, clay balls and coconut fibers; as well as high performance hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems such as theaeroflo, the dutch pot or the Rainforest

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