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discover the hydro retentors also called water gel for your plants. They retain water in order to save it and to obtain a better aeration of the soil. The frequency of watering is thus reduced. Discover HydroCrystal 500g - hydro retentive - Hydropassion.the hydro retentive are ideal for the plants of the garden in whole, cultivate and water less with the water freezes, the hydro retentive absorbs between 200 and 400 times their volume in water what allows these small tiny grains to swell in order to absorb the water in reserve and to release it little by little according to the need for the plants. this will help you to savewatering and increase yields due to a more balanced watering. Try the hydro-retainer and discover the many range of garden products at culture indoor the leader in indoor and outdoor gardening since 2002, the modern garden centers, grow ecological and economic.