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Discover our substrates of rooting, in the form of cubes of coconut fiber and latex. With the discount prices Culture Indoor.

Specifically elaborated for the germination of the seedlings or therooting of the cuttings and providing to the young plants an aerated medium and thus beneficial to their developments, these cubes mixing coir and latexthey are ready to use, buffered, unlike rockwool cubes which need to be bathed in pH stabilized water (pH 5.0) for 6 to 12 hours before use..

In addition to their undeniable practical aspects, the Root Riot of The Growth Technology are delivered in an airtight film, ensuring a humidity that is conducive to immediate use, after unpacking. Because of their high concentration of latex, the cubes of Root Riot have also the property to remain compact, which allows them to be used absolutely on any substrate, even on a hydroponic support working on a permanent irrigation!

Available in tray of 24 Root Riot cubes or 100% airtight bag of 100 pieces.

Recommended to be then transplanted rather in the ground or in the coconut fiber, the cubes Eazy Plug 100 % organic, have directly integrated anti-carcinogenic agents, allowing an increased success rate. Voted one of the 100 best "Products of the Year 2010" in the Netherlands, the cubes Eazy Plug are delivered in sheets, effectively cabling them and protecting the young roots from light.

Practical advice

To use dehydrated cubes Eazy Plug dehydrated or dried Root Riot after unpacking, simply dip your cubes of coconut in a bowl ofwarm water to rehydrate them before use

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