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Welcome to the section dedicated to cuttings, aeroponic systems developed for the cutting of all plants.

With an almost perfect efficiency in rooting plants, the automated "cuttings" assure 90% of success to its users (even for beginners!), with an average of 8-10 days before seeing the first rootlets appear; against the traditional cutting in soil (in 15 to 21 days on average) or better in inert substrates (in 10 to 15 days on average), is reduced to 50% of successes...

Simple to use but requiring the use of eC and pH testersthe best cloneers are now represented by the Super Cloners of Platinium Hydroponics, RainForestsand the Cutting Board from GHEor the Propagators from Nutriculture.

The best prices on the web on cuttings and clonersare at Culture Indoor.