Welcome to our section dedicated to THE French reference brand, Platinium Nutrients composed of a base of mineral fertilizers, Hydroponic Grow and Hydroponic Bloom (for all substrates) equivalent to an A & B grow and bloom, but with a B grow and bloom, but now go to the next level with the new sensistar grow and bloom fertilizer with unique and exclusive nanotechnology combining a biological gel, inequalizing the purest soluble fertilizers in suspension as well as calcium and magnesium in the same bottle the impossible becomes possible thanks to the platinum nanotechnology, a pure and concentrated fertilizer offering you the best rates of NPK + calcium + magnesium + oligo elements chelated edta use sensistar grow until the third week of flowering then switch to sensistar bloom, fertilizers one part out of category heavyweight champion 2015, another exclusive to the middle ground, Organic Grow and Organic Bloom (certified organic, 100% organic in accordance with the latest French standards NFU), the program molasses beet, combining sugars and performance, the most concentrated market organic, organic grow and organic bloom certified ecofertilizing, 100% natural,

Both developed for novice growers with a simplified program (containing few additives) and for demanding initiates who are not afraid to manage a multitude of stimulators with certified effects(PRO program), the Platinium Nutrients has been a sensation on a European scale for over 4 years. From their extraordinary Rhizoponics (powerful root stimulator hyper-concentrated and ensuring a radial growth of nearly 700%!), their innovative Humic Fulvic Integral booster (the result of more than 10 years of research) the growth stimulator by exellence a concentrate of humic and fulvic acids a 3 in 1 without comparison on the market, the convincing Monster PK powder 52 34 (flowering booster with productive results the most powerful pk available for sale and adapted to hydroponics as well as soil culture), their SuperBoost V2 (booster PK 2-20 a unique and powerful formulation a final floral densifier, increasing the production of active ingredients and the content of brix) or their novelty, the Resin + involving an overproduction of active ingredients in plants as well as a strong increase in tastes, sugars, resine plus contains 26% of free amino acids and strongly stimulates your flowering . think about discovering monster X mycorrhizae, the only mycorrhizae 100% water soluble and usable in hydroponics, aeroponic, soil, and coconut fiber, exclusive 500,000 propagules harvested in vitro, 2.5 x more powerful than all the mychorises of the hydroponic market, know one thing dear customers it is unique is well the only one that will suit you for your crops

invasion T tichoderma , 8 trichoderma ultra powerful 1g equals individuals the invasion T can start , increases strongly your results on all substrates

Batmax guano the new guano which will surprise you all by its quality and its high output, a pure powder 100% certified ECOFERT coming from madagascar, batmax guano leaves its wings and believe us it will surprise the famous guanokalong, batmax a guano 100% biological manufactured by platinium nutrients

Also, the know-how of Platinium know-how in the field of hydroponics is the final touch to Platinium as one of the world leaders in the indoor growing market, thanks to their range of products, Platinium Hydroponics, which has been a huge success in the United States and Europe, with the Modular products and especially the Platinium Pyramid, among the 20 most innovative products on the American market (sources: best American magazine).

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