Welcome to our catalog dedicated to the Dutch brand Vaalserberg Garden, which itself is divided into 3 distinct and independent ranges of fertilizers: the first two being of mineral origin with Element and Phase; and the third being the organic range, Pachamama.

For hydroponic fertilizers, discover the complete Element range composed of 5 products, of whichElement 5, a hyper-concentrated complex of trace elements, is the latest addition; and the 4 Phase fertilizers. These two ranges excel on all substrates, both on soilless and soil media; the Pachamama products are reserved for soil culture only.

Or else, Vaalserberg Garden has made a name for itself on the French market with its famous taste and aroma enhancer, Sugar Babe.

Of a simplicity and a disconcerting effectiveness, find in exclusiveness at Culture Indoor, the best prices of the web, on the whole of the mark Vaalserberg Garden.