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A mycorrhiza is the result of the symbiotic association between fungi and plant roots. In this association, a fungus colonizes the roots of a plant. The mycorrhizal relationship is symbiotic, a balance is created between the roots and the fungi to stimulate the plant. Perfect for seedlings and cuttings. In this special mycorrhizae section you will find fertilizers that allow to create this association. For example, Monster X from Platinium is a powder containing 500 000 propagules/kg (mycorrhizae) selected in vitro. Boost your roots x20 !

In indoor and tentcultivation, it is important to provide the plant with the right nutrients. Good roots, it is the insurance of a healthy plant. Invasion T is a good complement to also boost your roots.

Buy beneficial bacteria like Mycorrhizae or Trichoderma mycorrhizae at the best price at culture indoor. Propagules grown in vitro. Water soluble and stimulating bacteria for your plants. Ideal for horticulture.