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Are you looking for silica, silicon for your plants?

Culture Indoor explains how silicon works on your plants, toxicity, deficiencies. What plants need it, the dosages, the different products available in our shelves. The source of silicon in a few words:

sand contains 80% SIo2 available after one year .

calcium silicate contains 40% SIo2 available within a month.

potassium silicate contains ex 20% SIo2.

oligometric/coloidal silicic acid 1-2% SI(OH)x available within 1 week .

Monosilicic acid (monomer) 1-2% SI(OH)4 available within 1 hour. Discover the high quality silicon fertilizers with Kelpmass SI from Platinium Nutrients or Regulator from Aptus. increase the weight of your crops with ease.