Find all the fertilizers based on organic amendments here! The best brands are on Culture organic amendment is fertilizer or additives to be mixed directly with the soil used for the pot culture but also for the mixtures of cultures in full ground, which will make it possible to feed perfectly in nutrition your plants in phase of growth as throughout flowering without having to water your plants with liquid fertilizer, because all is complete once the mixture carried out thus obtain a simple culture of use because it will be enough for you then to water only with water, and for a perfect optimization of your cultures and to obtain a better root development, a better growth, better harvests more abundant with a better caliber, a better coloration, a more accentuated taste, with the biological amendments of type fertilizer of guano of bat? Bat guano = bat poo harvested in the caves of Madagascar for example one of the most efficient guano on the market in the form of a simple powder to be mixed with substrates and soils available at Platinium nutrients with Batmax Guano or 420 nutrients and guanopure bat guano offers a unique taste of yesteryear with unmatched flavors or discover Biopure organic micro granular fertilizers which includes a growth and flowering fertilizer and a root stimulator offering a breathtaking result on your crops. Discover the horse or sheep manure, the humic and fulvic acids to boost your plants and get better results, discover the beneficial bacteria and fungi to develop your root systems by 700% and increase the mass of roots up to 20 times the normal size, which will also allow you to increase your results strongly, for this discover the Mycorrhizae, Trichoderma,Bascilius , products with proven performance and certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, all our organic amendments are well on UAB(usable in organic farming), Culture Indoor the leader in urban gardening since 2002, leader of the French market offers the best products at the best prices on the web, with culture indoor your growshop online grow fruits and vegetables all year round indoors or outdoors discover our different ray gardening.