This is the category dedicated to organic or organo-mineral soilsexclusively from Europe. At Culture Indoor discount prices.

Packaged in balanced formulas and fertilized to meet the various stages of cultivation, potting soils are thus specific to the germination/borrowing ("Light Mix" or "Grow Mix"), to the growth ("Grow Mix") or/and to the flowering or fruiting phase ("Royalty Mix" or "Bat Mix"). How to choose your potting soil ?

Available in 5 liter, 20 liter, 25 liter, 40 liter or 50 liter bags.

All ready to use, most bags of potting soils is even enriched with perlite, to optimize the drainage power of the latter.

Discover our selection of the best brands of potting soils on the European market, recognized for their quality and efficiency such as :

Platinium Soils (France), Plagron (Netherlands), Atami (Netherlands), Biobizz (Netherlands), Gold Label Soils (Netherlands), Canna (Netherlands), Bio Nova (Netherlands), Or Brun (France), Guanokalong (Netherlands),...

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