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Enjoy the productions of Platinium Hydroponicsproductions, totally innovative and very popular among the current indoor growers. All over the world.

You will appreciate the productions of Platinium Aeroponicsyou will appreciate the productions of , totally innovative and very popular among the actual indoor growers. All over the world.

The range Modular de Platinium Aeroponics range assures to its users, a simplicity of use and a surprising modularity (and fast!) in the various possibilities of modes of culture offered by its ingenious systems of culture out of ground. Indeed, you can go from aeroponics to hydroponics on clay balls, and vice versa. In an instant.

Proof of the know-how of Platinium Aeroponics s know-how in the field of high-end soilless culture: the ingenious vertical aeroponic system Pyramid, available in 1 square meter or in 2 square meterswas acclaimed by the American trade press and was named one of the top 20 most innovative systems of 2014!!!!

Available in many sizes: from the small 40 x 40 cm version to the imposing Platinium Modular 2 square meters. And in many versions: the Platinium Aeropro, Aerostar, Aerotop or the very efficient Platinium SuperCloners.

In short, the systems Platinium Aeroponics will satisfy you in every way: the ultimate efficiency combined with the best prices!

Culture Indoor, your online growshop, also offers you, since always, all the systems GHE (General Hydroponics Europ) in their aeroponic modeswith the famous Dutch Pot Aero of 1 square meter or more, the multiple AeroFlos (managing from 10 to more than 80 plants), Aerofarm, ... As well as their efficient aeroponic cuttings like the Cutting Board 27 , the Rainforest 2 and the Rainforest 72 cuttings.

Or the Canadian brand, HydroSystemand their range of apollo aeroponics systems.

Find all vertical hydroponic systems ensuring an optimal productivity for the occupied surface, like the , the Green Diamond AeroSytem, ...

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