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Here are all the kits of variable power(125 W, 150 W, 200 W, 250 W and 300 W), dedicated to CFL (for Compact Fluorescent Lamp since they have an electronic ballast already integrated in their socket), often renamed "energy saving bulbs" or "eco bulbs".

Indeed, these CFL bulbs have the particularities of having a low energy consumption (power of the selected bulb - 30%) and of diffusing a totally effective spectrum on the photosynthesis of plants (100% PAR for Photosynthetic Activ Radiation).

These CFL kits are delivered with a reflector (with its E40 socket), a CFL bulb and the power supply wiring.

You will discover renowned brands, with the best quality/price ratio, such as SuperPlant, Easy Lighting proStar...

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