We are seeing more and more fabric pots in all major cities, on the edges of café terraces, city centers, balconies, landscaped gardens, as decorative pots, called urban pots for ultra design and contemporary urban gardening.
This trend is made to last because the geotextile pot is a healthier pot for plants. The air infiltrating through the fibers of the fabric allows the roots to develop better as they grow. But the most spectacular thing is that the geotextile pot allows you to increase your yield. Indeed, with geotextile pots you can achieve a 20% faster growth and flowering allowing you to get up to 20% more production on vegetable crops.

Culture Indoor offers several brands of geotextile pots Root Pouch and Smart Pot.

Smart Pot is the geotextile pot that has built a solid reputation, Smart Pot has a technology that resides in the porosity of the material, a thick geotextile that ensures optimal development of roots and therefore plants.

The originality of Root Pouch lies in its design: it is made from recycled plastic bottles and spun with recycled cotton fibers

Trust geotextile pots to improve your production.