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Find in our catalog, the largest choice ofhorticultural lighting and their accessories, on the French market!

Here is the Culture Indoor selection on :

- magnetic ballasts with brands such as ETI, Layrton or RedLight from SuperPlant;

- electronic ballasts like the models distributed by Lumatek nanoLux, Gavita maxibright Digilight or SuperLumens from SuperPlant;

- hPS and MH bulbs of various powers(150W, 250W, 400W, 600W or 1000W), from the most recognized brands on the market such as Sylvania superPlant, Philips, Gavita, Lumatek, Osram...

- the turbo-neon 2 x 55 W or 4 x 55 W through the StarLite models;

- t5 SuperPlant technology neon lights with variable power(2 x 24W or 48W minimum to 8 x 54W or 432W maximum);

- cFL bulbs 23 W, 40 W, 85 W, 125 W, 150 W, 200 W, 250 W or 300 W represented by brands like SuperPlant, ProStar or Easy Lighting;

- the largest choice of reflectors with more than 70 models available, including traditional reflectors (with E40 socket), those with removable fins (Adjust-A-Wing or Lucilu ) or finally the glazed and ventilated reflectors(Cool Tube, flat glazed reflectors fromHydroFarm, Black OG or SuperPlant);

- indispensable electrical accessories(electrical wiring, IEC plugs, timers, ...) or even holding accessories (Easy Roller, SuperFix...).

Important: Culture Indoor strongly recommends you to protect your eyes with specific glasses, such as these pairs of NewLite Vision goggles.