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Welcome to our section dedicated to alkaline batteries. At Culture Indoor discount prices.

You can find all the necessary replacement batteries necessary for the use of your batteries pH/EC testersyour electronic programmer thermo-hygrometeryour electronic programmer, your precision balanceof your microscope, ...

Here is our selection of batteries :

- the lR3 or AAA batteriesdelivered by 4 units;

- the lR6 (or AA) batteriesdelivered by 4 units;

- the 3 V CR2032 batteries per piece (to be taken by two for each tester Platinium Waterproof IP 57for example);

- the 1.5 V LR54 batteries sold by the piece (to be taken by 3 for the lED microscopes x 60/ x100for example).

The best of the Web on lR 3, LR 6, CR 2032 or LR 54 batteriesare at Culture Indoor