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Welcome to our section dedicated to autoPot hydroponic systems. At discount prices Culture Indoor.

Discover totally innovative systems like the ingenious AutoPotthese systems work on the principle of capillarity (so without electricity!!!).

To associate with a culture on coco fibers or in "light" potting soils (to enrich in both cases, in perlite up to 40 to 50 %), autoPot hydroponic systems ensure a close control of the irrigation granted independently to each of the plants thus cultivated, by means ofan AQUAvalveautomatic distribution system of nutritive solution, which each AutoPot module has at its base

Thus automated, the contributions of water and nutritive elements, are carried out through 47 liter tanks to tanks FlexiTank (100 liters, 225 liters or 400 liters).

In addition, AutoPot hydroponic systems allow any cultivation with nutrients of mineral origin or with organic amendments (!!!) exclusively thanks to the 100% organic fertilization concept of BioTabs.

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