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Autopot - Tray2grow - Autonomous growing system

Modular growing system perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners.

Autopot - Tray2grow - Autonomous growing system
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Product details

Autopot - Tray2grow - Self-contained growing system.

This unique growing system is perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike who are looking for an easy and efficient way to grow their plants. It is self-contained and innovative in facilitating the cultivation of healthy, lush plants without the need for much maintenance.

Grow your plants effortlessly on your own

The system Autopot -Tray2grow uses the patented Aquavalve5 gravity-fed irrigation technology, so your plants will receive the water and nutrients they need without you having to manually water them. This method of irrigation is very effective because it allows plants to absorb exactly the amount of water and nutrients they need for bigger and better crops.

Very easy to use. Simply fill a tank with water, add the necessary nutrients and let the system do the rest. Its unique single AQUAvalve irrigation control system greatly reduces maintenance. Plus, it requires very little plumbing because there is no waste or water recirculation. You can concentrate on other gardening tasks or simply relax knowing your plants are in good hands.

Ecological and economical! With its efficient, electricity-free irrigation method, you'll use less water and fertilizer, reducing your environmental footprint and saving you money. With this system, you will be able to grow your plants independently, without worrying about daily watering. It will save you time and money while ensuring optimal results for your crops.

Versatile and modular

The system Autopot - Tray2grow system is also very versatile. You can use it to grow all kinds of plants, vegetables, fruits, herbs or flowers. It is also modular, you can easily add modules to increase the capacity of your system or grow in various types of substrate.

Tray2Grow is equipped with capillary spikes that can be installed inside the tray to irrigate the substrate inside grow bags.

With the spikes removed and the capillary mat in place, the tray can hold up to 4 standard size seed trays, 2 micro sprout trays, perforated bottom pots, cube coir, rockwool, or a large 107.5L fabric planter.

If you're staking your plants, garden stakes can be attached to the three holes on each side of the tray, and there are three bubble levels to make sure everything is level.

The Tray2Grow is a great choice for hobbyists and professional gardeners alike because of its adaptability. It will easily fit on a Danish table or on any rack or rolling bench.

Autonomous culture inside and outside

the Tray2Grow has an overflow cap that allows growers to enjoy the system indoors or outdoors.

- If you are growing outdoors, simply remove the overflow cap, allowing any excess water that may accumulate during rain to escape.

- If you are growing indoors, simply leave the overflow cap in place.

It can be configured with capillary spikes for use with grow bags or with a capillary mat for pots, seed trays or planters. Clear instructions are provided to assist with setup and installation.

Contents of the pack Tray2grow

  • Size: 1115x410x95mm
  • Aquavalve5 system included
  • 1x Tray2Grow tray and lid
  • 2x 9 mm eyelets
  • 1 m of 9 mm hose
  • Click-Fit filter from 16 to 9 mm
  • 1x 9 mm filter
  • 1x 6 mm overflow grommet
  • 3x Circular spirit level
  • 10x Capillary tips
  • 1x Capillary mat
  • 1x Root control sheet
  • 4x Trays
  • 1x Slug copper

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