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Here is the section regrouping all the carbon filters of the French brand, Green Air Cotton Filters.

Compact and especially ultra-light thanks to its very design (flange and bottom 100% elastomer, certified non-toxic plastic, braided aluminum structure) compared to its competitors in metal or plastic, Green Filters ensure a real management of odors.

For small flow rate extractors with its CH09 model (275 m3/h) to the most powerful, through its Green Filter CH16 Double Layer, assuming up to 3.300 m3/h.

Ultra-competitive, in view of the know-how and awards in motor racing that this brand has been accumulating for 20 years, Green Filters will delight growers with a particular requirement for the very limited weight that the carbon filter must have.

As with any installation equipped with a carbon filter, it is essential to keep the hygrometry in the growing area below 60% at all times, both during the day and at night.

Effectiveness: 12 to 18 months on average, if the recommended conditions are respected.

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