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Here is our department dedicated to various irrigation elements of the brand Plasgot and the ultimate irrigation solution created by Siroflex. At unbeatable prices Culture Indoor

In this section, you will find the necessary parts to create your own indoor horticultural system or to maintain an existing one, thanks to the plastic piping, sprinklers, stakes, sprayers, shut-off valves, gaskets, connectors, ...

And even particularly successful irrigation systems are proposed to you like the concept Siroflex.

Italian quality, the brand Siroflex distributes a complete irrigation solution to assemble yourself.

Siroflex it is very easy to install, to use and to maintain, but also very reliable.

Try siroflex modules and your automated watering will be evenly distributed, with no risk of clogging. Guaranteed results.

The best prices on the Web on irrigation and the Siroflex brandare at Culture Indoor.