Discover our selection of water heaters or immersion heatersdeveloped by the brand Aquael. At Cuture Indoor discount prices.

Various models of immersion heaters are proposed in this section, among which you will find several powers from 25 W to 300 W maximumor the Neo Heater range (available in 50 W, in 100 W or in 200 W), d'Aquael also, whose particularity is to be unbreakable.

Choose the power of your immersion heater according to the volume of your nutrient solution tank. For example, a 100-liter tank will require a water heater of 100 W or more, another 100 to 200 liters will require a 200 W heater, etc...

Discover all the water coolers for tanks, reservoir or aquarium (chiller) from 100 liters to 1000 liters ideal in summer or if you in places in strong heat this machine will allow you to obtain a refreshed water for your water distribution circuits or nutritive solutions for the watering of your gardens, space of culture in ground, hydroponics and culture out of ground of all types.