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Welcome to the dedicated shelf to NFT systems, developed by the English brand, Nutriculture Ltd. At discount prices Culture Indoor.

Discover Nutriculture Ltd, one of the leaders in the European hydroponic market, renowned for its quality and productivity.

Nutriculture Ltd will satisfy any grower, from the beginner to the experienced, with NFT GroTanks systemsrewarded for their productivity (by the Guiness Records Book), and their variants, the NFT Multi Ducs, of large dimensions.

NFT GroTanks and the NFT Multi Ducs have a very advantageous compactness (especially in height), which works wonders in restricted spaces

Based on the principle known as "NFT" for Nutrients Film Technics mixed with the horticultural method of the "tide tablethe cultivation trays nFT systems from Nutriculture are to be covered in their totality, with a hydrophilic film, presenting itself as a stringy blotter; in which the roots and the rootlets will open out fully through cubes of rockwool of variable sizes (to be selected according to the number of cultivated plants), themselves to be put on the same NFT film, delivered in rolls of 7.5 meters or on 15 meters.

The best prices on the Web on nFT systems of Nutriculture are at Culture Indoor.