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Here are the fertilizers and additives, for the most part, of mineral origin, and developed to be used in a hydroponic environment.

Always at discount prices, discover our selection of the biggest brands of ultra-perfective and quality fertilizers, recognized and used by thousands of growers (indoor and outdoor), for many years.

With simple fertilization programs, containing few fertilizers and additives, dedicated to beginners, or on the contrary, with a more complex scheme, involving an exhaustive list of fertilizers, dedicated to initiated gardeners, Culture Indoor offers you the best products of the European market with :

HydroPassion, Platinium Nutrients, Plagron, Vaalserberg Garden, Atami hESI, The Growth Technology, GHE (General Hydroponic Europe or General Organic), Grotek, Gold Label Nutrients, Aptus, Canna bioNova, ... and many other products

find all the best ranges of fertilizers and their famous booster, plagron green sensation , atami bloombastic , canna boost , the basics canna aqua vega or aqua flores , hydro de plagron or alga growth and bloom , the hydropassion brand and its master grower grow and bloom , bio nova and its hydrosupermix, platinium with hydroponics grow and bloom A and B, find all the best brands of fertilizers for hydroponics, aeroponic or on coconut fiber or other subtrates adapted to soilless culture

the soilless and hydroponic culture mode offers up to 50% faster vegetative growth and 20% more flower production, less diseases, less pests, easier maintenance, more economical fertilizer, use in hydroponic or aeroponic systems that allows you to be quiet for your relaxed evenings, your weekend departures, your vacations up to 10 days of autonomy with the systems platinium hydroponic, nutriculture ghe for example or find other products for the cultures 100% automatic like the devices of control for the ph and the fertilizer like the boxes of controls platinium instruments or bluelab instruments offering high quality products and very easy to use

if you were looking for metrop MR1 or metrop MR 2 no need, try platinium nutrients SensiStar grow and blom which takes you directly to the next level with its unique nanotechnology GEL NPK +CALCIUM + MAGNESIUM +0LIGOS EDTA chelated elements with balanced rates perfectly for your plants

discover now the best fertilizer of the market without comparison, platinium nutrients sensistar grow and bloom and its unique and exclusive naotechnology that makes SensiStar the best NPK fertilizer elaborated in the form of biological gel combined with soluble fertilizers of high purity + calcium + magnesium as well as all the elements necessary for your plants,a unique NPK + CALCIUM + MAGNESIUM + OLIGO ELEMENTS chelated EDTA ultra concentrated, 0% UREE 0% SODIUM 0% CHLORINE 0% COLORANT 100% PURE 100% BIODEGRADABLE sensistar grow NPK 8-4.5-15 +calcium 2.5% + magnesium 3.5.% +oligo EDTA chelated elements use from 0.5 ml to 1.5ml/l or about 1000 liters of solution ,Sensistar Bloom NPK 5-13-14 +calcium 2 % +magnesium 2.65% +oligo EDTA chelated elements ,use from 1ml to 1.5ml/l or about 1000 liters of solutions thanks to Sensistar grow and bloom no more need of PK13/14 or superboost PK or greensensation, everything is in the bottle of growth and bloom, technically impossible to integrate magnesium and calcium in the same bottle, for platinium nutrients the impossible becomes possible thanks to its unique nanotechnology that makes it simply more efficient, with a much more balanced NPK balance for your plants, offering you more vigorous growth and an extraordinary floral explosion try the revolution Platinium a unique concentrated gel that can be used for hydroponics, aeroponics, soil and coco fiber cultivation,

know that platinium is the most innovative range of the market with unique and exclusive products certified for many by the Ministry of Agriculture and the approval and compliance of the largest universities or research laboratories in France and internationally, also discover among this range of hydroponic and organic fertilizers, try clone xroots the natural cutting hormone and 100% organic, Monster X mycorrhizae simply the best water-soluble mycorrhizae of the market and unique in its development to use it in hydroponics and aeroponics, exclusive and 2.5 x more powerful than any mycorrhizae with 500.000 propagules harvested in bvitro and get up to 20 times the root system, Invasion T is not a simple trichoderma because it contains the 8 most powerful trichoderma on earth with the highest concentration of bacteria since one gram contains individuals, rhizoponics is the most concentrated root stimulator as well as the most efficient and economical and allows to obtain up to 700% more root mass, Humic fulvic offers you the highest concentration of humic and fulvic acids combined in the same bottle offering the highest performance in the categories of growth stimulator and beginning of flowering of a better balance and a better 'absorption of fertilizers in the soil and of ,as well as a better enzymatic decomposition, discover also Resin plus a booster of active principle NP which contains 26% of amino acids as well as natural hormones allowing to boost considerably the active principles of your plants, the sugars, the rate of brix allowing you to obtain a final product with more taste, more sugars, Superboost Pk 2-20 is a unique Pk very balanced for your plants concentrated and ultra powerful, a true unique PK booster, The ph platinium is the most concentrated with 75% of phosphoric acid so the most economical since the most powerful offers 50% so ph down platinium is more economical and more concentrated by about 35%, Seaweed Extract is a concentrate of seaweed ascophylum nodosum including amino acids, gyberilines, auxins and natural cytokinins to boost your crops significantly increase the enzymatic mechanism that will act on your plants, discover Aminoweed the best fertilizer booster effect starter NITROGEN 9% organic new generation from the nanotechnology platinium for fertilizers in unique suspension and which contains the highest rate of amino acids in the world with 56% of amino acids in your booster starter effect fertilizer with unique and exclusive capabilities, and many other products discover the most innovative and most efficient range of the market certified and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture for most of the products and offering you the highest concentrations of the market using raw materials of high purity, platinium nutrients is one of the few fertilizers to design and use 90% of its products in organic form for hydroponics, which makes platinium the most ecological range of the market, and allows you to cultivate your plants under organo-mineral forms since we combine the mineral and the biological in the nutritive solution allowing you to obtain hydroponic cultures and the harvest of your fruits and vegetables more fruitful, fruitier, with more taste, a more abundant harvest, don't ask you any more questions try platinium nutrients

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