pH regulator, fertilizer to regulate the pH more easily. The pH or hydrogen potential measures the acidity or basicity of a solution. Test the pH regulator for your indoor plants. For indoor cultivation, the pH is essential for a better absorption of fertilizers, stimulators and additives to increase the potential of your plants, for hydroponic cultivation, the ideal pH is between 5.5 and 6.0, while for soil cultivation, the ideal pH is between 6.2 and 6.8,that's why at culture indoor we offer all the ph minus regulators but also PH plus fertilizers to raise the ph of your nutrient solution very easily and simply. Discover the different PH liquid or powder, which products to take? we offer nitric acid 53%, ortho phosphoric acid 50%, ortho phosporic acid 75% from platinium nutrients the most concentrated market on average 50% more than the market concurents with the products concurents when you need 1ml with this one only a few drops, save money, you can also discover thecitric acid 50% in general use for organic culture an acid based on lemon, some people will tell you that it gives a different taste very appreciable, if not discover the ph minus in powder for hydroponics or soil with an impressive stability of the ph and a great efficiency, be careful not to confuse with the ph minus of swimming pool which would be very dangerous for your plants. the products are very economical and allow to obtain better yields and harvests without comparison, the taste the aromas, the flavors, the smells, think of discovering our ph tester shelf culture Indoor is the specialist of the regulator of PH or ph less since 2002, culture indoor is the leader of the gardening of interior in France and in Europe, our concept the urban gardening urban agriculture, intensive culture, urban farms, container culture, discover our different departments for gardening.