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The electronic ballast manufactured by Superplant Lighting the French manufacturer of products for horticultural lighting has created the Digital Ballast or electronic ballast the cheapest on the market with a price under the bars of 100 €, moreover this ballast is an electronic ballast 4in 1 with the ability to adapt a bulb HPS of 250w, 400w and 600w HPS or MH with a dimmer super lumens to obtain 660w with your bulb HPS or MH because this ballast is duo, not forgiveness trio because this ballast also accepts the bulbs CMH of 315w, in 99€ difficult to find better with a perfect design and its electric blue color with the color of the mark Superplant the leader in horticultural lighting since 2006 a brand with 16 years of experience that seeks to manufacture innovative products allowing you to obtain the best crops at the best quality price.Culture indoor your online store the specialist of the indoor culture since 2002.