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This is our department dedicated to the experienced grower who wants to run a vertical system. The best vertical systems of the market are at Culture Indoor discount prices.

Discover soilless and automated culture in its ultra-productive version because vertical !!!

All these vertical systems are developed by the leaders of the European market such as Platinium Hydroponicsor the amazing Green Diamonds Aerosystem, AgrowTent, Omega Garden, Pi-Rack or Pi-Wall , EcoSystem or EcoGrow Wall ...

Enjoy the productions of Platinium Hydroponicsproductions, totally innovative and very popular among the current indoor growers. All over the world.

The Modular Hydroponics' Modular line of products offers its users ease of use and surprising (and fast!) modularity in the various growing methods offered by its ingenious above-ground growing systems

Proof of the know-how of Platinium Hydroponicsthe clever vertical aeroponic system Pyramid, available in 1 square meter or in 2 square metershas been acclaimed by the American trade press as one of the top 20 most innovative systems of 2014!!!!

In short, the systems Platinium Hydroponics will satisfy you in every way: the ultimate efficiency combined with the best prices!

Find all the best vertical hydroponic or aeroponic systems ensuring optimal productivity for the space occupied!!!

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