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Find the best brands of coir on the European market the Coco Plus or coco COGr Slabs of Cannathe fully buffered range ofUgro(bricks, discs, bulk), the Coco Mix of Platinium Soilsand the Special Mix Coco and the HydroCoco 60/40 from Gold Label ... At the best price !!!

Originally surrounding the nut, the coconut fiber is a hydroponic substrate, with high draining powers, ensuring their users productive results with a quality close to that obtained in potting soils, since it allows the development of bacteriological and mycorrhizal networks, particularly beneficial for the plants grown. "Halfway between soil and hydroponics"

In order to increase its high draining power, some brands even propose packaging of coconut fiber already enriched with perlite, like the Platinium Coco Mix or the Ugro Pure Max Air.

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