Here are the famous plant walls supplied in kit, the Flowall.

Very simple to install, you will only need a few minutes to fix your plant wall Flowallat the desired place.

Presented in the form of a plastic rectangle (easy to clean and waterproof), and available in 3 colors (white, black or green), the Flowall contain 16 suspended cups placed in contact with a thick blotting paper form and ensuring a homogeneous irrigation to all the plants.

In addition, the Flowall are also practical to use since its integrated reservoir, placed on the back, allows a maximum hydrous autonomy of 3 weeks

In options, some xL pots with a capacity of 1 liter (a single XL pot occupying 4 small cups out of the 16 provided) and frames Flowall intended to enhance the wall Flowall are available , and on the same 3 bases of colors.

On a solid supporting wall, it is also possible and very easy to place several modules Flowallmodules, one next to the other, in order to create a huge plant wall on different surfaces.

Dimensions of a module Flowall 42 x 40 cm.

The best prices on the Flowall are at Culture Indoor.