Welcome to our section dedicated to the management of CO2, or carbon dioxide essential to the photosynthesis process of all plants.

Within a growing area, a well-calibrated CO2 enrichment (between 1.500 and 2.000 ppm) allows to increase in a consequent way, the productivity of any harvest (+ 30 % approximately).

This is why Culture Indoor offers you the best CO2 managers on the European market, with brands such as Harvest Master, SuperPro, GSE, EcoTechnics..

They take the form of "mini-computers" with a remote sensor insofar as most offer a total or partial automation of the climate, being equipped with: thermostat, hygrostat, functions on fans, extractors and introducers, possibilities of connecting a humidifier / a misting (or a dehumidifier), an auxiliary heating, ...


In order to prevent the CO2 from escaping directly through the extractors and air introducers, it is necessary to install non-return valves on the latter and to double the fans, as CO2 is a heavy gas that settles on the floor.

Furthermore, we recommend that you program these carbon dioxide enrichments only during the daytime phases and divided into cycles (30 minutes ON / 30 minutes OFF)

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