Here is the section dedicated to hydroponic baskets. At Culture Indoor discount prices!!!

Completely openworked on all sides, these hydroponic baskets are widely used in various cuttings on the market and in most aeroponic systems

Allowing to receive clay balls, Root Riot cubes or rock wool cubes, the hydroponic baskets are designed to support a plant throughout the growing season and provide the best air/water/nutrient ratio for the plant's roots.

Available at in 3,5 cm, 5 cm and in 7 cm.

You will also find the 5 cm neoprene foam inserts and 7 cmare also available to cover hydroponic baskets of the same diameters.

Thus, the neoprene foam inserts ensure that the plants are firmly wedged to a plantwith or without a basket underneath (as on the SuperCloners of Platinium Hydroponics or the Propagator of Nutriculture),prevent the formation of plant moss and limit the whitish deposits (mixture of limestone and nutrient salts) at their base

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