Welcome to our category of air extractors and air introducers, for use in any grow room worthy of the name, to ensure essential air renewal and control ambient temperatures (ideally maintained between 24 and 25°C).

Some are even equipped with a remote sensor, dimmer and thermostat for real-time control of the climate in your grow room, such as the VKU and TTU ranges from Winflex VentilationvKU and TTU ranges, or the PK Thermo Controler from Prima Klima.

Selected for their sturdiness and efficiency, here are the most recognized brands on the European market, with the IsoMax from Can Filter, the indestructible Ovnis from Systemair, the IsoBOx housings and various extractors/introducers from Winflex, the robust products from Ruck Max Fan ...

From 105 to over 6,000 cubic meters per hour !!!!

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Practical advice: select your extractor according to the volume of your grow room and also the lighting used; allow one cubic metre per hour for one watt of light (for example: 600 W of lighting = approx. 600 m3 per hour of extraction).

- if you want to perfect a growing space, always select an air introducer with a flow rate half or 3 times lower than that of the installed extractor.

- if your budget is limited, select an extractor rather than an introducer, giving a passive introduction at first, which you can later optimize.

- if you wish to soundproof your installation, opt for"SONO ducting " ora silencer, to be fitted at the outlet of your extractor.

in our air extractor, air intractor, VMC air aerator or duct fan section, you'll find a wide selection of air extractors from the best brands, such as winflex ventilation with its VKO, TT, TTU, TT SILENT ,VK,VKS,VKU and VKUN range, or the VKUN range of air extractors Prima Klima with its range of high-performance extractors and its German EBMPlast motor, which can also be found in the Systemair range of extractors Can Fan from Can Filter, the Dutch leader in ventilation for indoor cultivation and odor control.

What's an air extractor?An air extractor is an electrical ventilation device, often shaped like a UFO, with a motor and propellers to evacuate air from a room to the outside, whether it's a house, apartment or office. An air extractor is essential for removing humidity from very damp rooms, such as bathrooms, and for ensuring good air renewal to obtain healthy air and evacuate unpleasant odors.

What's the difference between an air extractor and a CMV?A CMV = Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, unlike an extractor which sometimes works periodically, or is connected to a thermostat or hygrostat, as is the case with TTu and VKU brand air extractors winflex ventilation.

Extractor and aerator in continuous operation:Because their operation is very simple, these electrical appliances will run continuously 24/7, which is not always the case with VMCs, which are sometimes self-regulating. We sell air extractors equipped with variable speed drives to regulate extraction speed, in our range you'll find air extractors with 2 speeds, one less powerful, one more powerful, air extractors with thermostat or with thermostat, hygrostat and speed variator. winflex is an innovative brand and develops products adapted to your uses in industrial and domestic ventilation.

What's an extractor motor?It's a fan with a motor that enables very high performance.

How do I connect my air extractor?There are several ways of connecting it: with a switch, with a cord, with a thermostat to be triggered by temperature, with a hygrostat to be triggered when humidity levels are too high.When should an air extractor be used?

For bathrooms, toilets, powder rooms and kitchens, ideally with a switch, cord or hygrostat depending on the humidity level in the room.

Connecting your extractor to the lighting is ideal for these rooms.

For your growing rooms, install an air intractor to bring fresh air into your growing space and an air extractor to evacuate the air from the room, which can be coupled with a charcoal filter to filter and destroy unpleasant odors before evacuating them outside.

What is an air intractor? unlike an air extractor, which evacuates air to the outside, it's simply the same ventilation device turned in the opposite direction to bring in fresh air from outside to renew the air in your desired room.

What is the electrical connection for my air extractor?Simply connect the extractor's electrical box directly to the electricity meter using a dedicated line or a new connection. If not, you can connect it directly to a 16A socket with 3G1.5mm2 cable.

What is a silent extractor?It's an air extractor with the technology to make it quieter, or a special fan shell enclosing the motor with insulating materials to reduce the noise of the motor and propellers turning at high speed, or enclosed in a soundproof wooden or metal box with insulating foam for noise and rubber suspension to dampen motor vibrations.To further isolate airborne noise, you can use flexible ducting or soundproofed ventilation ducts such as rockwool soundproofing ducting or sound-isolating wadding.

What are the diameters of air extractors?All our ranges of air extractors or aerators are available in 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 160mm, 200mm, 250mm, 315mm and 400mm. These are standard sizes to fit all ventilation ducts on the market.

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