Discover our department dedicated to expanded clay balls. At discount prices Culture Indoor.

Substrate par excellence, dedicated to hydroponic cultivation but also to the drainage of any traditional cultivation in pots (to be placed at the bottom of the pots, with a recommended thickness of 3 to 4 cm), expanded clay balls are presented as a productive support, ensuring an optimal air/water/nutrient ratio for the plant roots. What is the clay ball?

At Culture Indoor, the clay balls the clay pebbles are delivered in bags of various sizes and with a granulometry of 8-16 mm.

Within the framework of a hydroponic culture, you will appreciate essentially the news Platinium Hydro Mixin the case of hydroponics, you will appreciate the clay pellets, available exclusively in 50 liter bags, which are extremely practical as their pH level is already stabilized. No clay balls to buffer, stabilize at pH 5.0 for at least 24 hours, before using them !!!!

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