Who are we ?

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Know how to plant, without planting yourself!

Culture Indoor is your specialist in indoor gardening and hydroponics, Indoor and Outdoor gardening equipment.
With 20 years of expertise, Culture Indoor is the undisputed leader in its market in France and Europe.

We are Distributor of all major brands in our market and Manufacturer.

At the forefront of technology and constantly on the lookout, we have developed many brands over the years such as Platinium Hydroponics, Platinium Nutrients, Superplant, Bullfilter, Winflex, Indoorled, BlackBoxSilver, VG Garden, Calitek, Advanced Star…

We offer the widest choice of references at the most competitive prices. With exclusives, new products constantly, and constant arrivals: it is more than 7500 products at your disposal on our online catalog! We deliver to France, Dom Tom, Europe, Switzerland and Norway.

Culture Indoor is a brand known and recognized on the Web and through its network of 130 stores in France, in the Dom Tom and in Europe.

Individuals or professionals, a sales and technical team is at your disposal to answer your requests and support you in your projects.

Are you looking for the best growshop in France, Spain, England, Belgium, Germany, Italy or Portugal?
Contact or visit directly Culture Indoor, your online growshop, specialized for your indoor crops or hydroponics, with us it's always reliable, simple, fast and efficient! Quality at the best market price!

Culture Indoor stores everywhere in France, Europe and overseas territories, don't hesitate any longer, the best prices, the biggest brands, the biggest choice is at culture indoor, www.cultureindoor.com.

For the organic cultivation of indoor plants, the specialist in indoor cultivation, we are number 1 in France and Europe for the distribution of all hydroponic equipment, horticultural lighting gavita, superplant, superlumens, philips, sylvania, osram, lumatek, winflex ventilation, prima klima, bullfilter, hy filter, green filter, systemair, vents, find all the best culture rooms blackbox silver, superbox, secret garden, dark room, hydroshoot or Gtools cupboards, all platinum hydroponic systems, hydropro , aeropro, aerotop hydrostar, or the famous super cloners for your cuttings, also the famous pyramid elected best innovation 2014 in the USA, find nutriculture or the general hydroponics range, a huge choice of fertilizers, canna, ghe, hesi biobizz, atami , advanced nutrients, platinium nutrients, plagron, atami, house and garden, guanokalong, batmax guano, sensistar grow and bloom best r fertilizer on the market unique composition gel NPK +calcium +magnesium +oligo chelated elements edta the best on the market thanks to its superior nanotechnology which makes it more efficient than the competitor metrop MR1 and metrop MR2, a huge choice of classic, glazed, ventilated reflectors , multilamps, indoor culture your online growshop but also your distributor and wholesaler of innovative products on the hydroponics and indoor culture market find at indoor culture always the widest choice at the best price on the market thanks to your loyalty discount lifetime up to 20% off almost all your items