Welcome to our department dedicated to of the French brand. At Culture Indoor discount prices.

Discover the rising brand of these last years, very appreciated by a great number of growers, because of their products with excellent quality/price ratios Platinium Soil.

Enriched with perlite and with a strong draining power, you can find soil mixtures Platiniumyou can find complete and ready-to-use fertilizers (various forms of peat).

Three levels of fertilization are available on potting soils of Platinium :

- light-Mix, a mixture intended to manage young plants until the end of flowering for gardeners wishing to plan their nutrient contributions in a very followed way;

- grow-Mixa slightly richer medium, but equally suitable for young and mature plants. Leave an extra week after repotting, before bringing your next fertilized watering.

- royal-Mixthis is a substrate dedicated to plants with strong nutritional needs and to growers who want to space out their watering with nutrients as much as possible.

All the packaging of potting soils Platinium are presented in 20L or 50L bags.

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