Here is our selection of the best international brands in the field of carbon filters.

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Odor management (up to 100%) will become easy with our many models of quality carbon filters:

  • the Hy-Filters offered by Winflex Ventilation (the best quality/price ratio on the European market),
  • the renowned Can Filters (among the number 1 sellers in the European market),
  • the excellent Phresh Filters (compact, light and efficient - number 1 sales in the USA),
  • the amazing but efficient filters of Prima Klima (based on coconut fibers),
  • the ultra-lightweight products from Green Filters and Odorsok...

Managing odors with a carbon filter

But you can also find alternatives to the installation of a carbon filter or simply as a complement to the use of the latter such as :

  • airButler ionizers with beneficial effects (with its mention: MediCare),
  • the particle filters,
  • the ozone generators Ozôtres to be used with care, or the use of a scented blanket produced by essential oils in the form of diffusers The Neutralizer,
  • oNAgel
  • the soaked pastilles Vaportek.

Reminder on the precautions to be taken when using a carbon filter

- select your carbon filter according to the flow rate of your extractor: take a filter whose flow rate is higher than that of the extractor.

- place your filter in the growing room (at the top and in the center), in the first part of the extraction (before the extractor!).

- never expose a charcoal filter to a humidity of 70%, otherwise it will become soaked with moisture and will be permanently ineffective.

- clean the pre-filter surrounding your carbon filter (the absorbent cotton) as soon as necessary. You can wash it in a washing machine at 30°C maximum and then let it dry in the open air.

- never use a carbon filter without its pre-filter.

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